Far West Mining, as an international mineral and exploration company, we strive hard to adhere to the laws of nature. Since our inception, we have not cut a single tree at all and we have tried to minimize geological alterations as much as possible. In fact, every place we explore remains largely 80% the same as before – in the worst case scenario.


We are constantly working to minimize the adverse environmental impact of our operations and explorations as much as possible. We always abide by the applicable environmental laws within the country or region where we operate. In addition, we always inform all communities within the range of our projects about the possible impact of our work and we closely communicate with them to ensure that the project goes smoothly at all times.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our workers as well as the communities around our exploration or project site are of paramount importance.

We believe that ignorance leads to nothing and bad things, therefore, we enforce proper communication at all times. The relay of information to each and everyone involved in the project, be it a manager, a worker or a villager is always kept at all times to ensure that everyone knows what to do when unforeseen events occur. It also allows us and the community and workers to reach an agreement on certain subjects.


Instead of destroying biodiversity, we aim to keep it flourishing and growing. During our exploration projects, when we find areas and places where there is a visible sign of man-made destruction, we will work hard to restore it with the aid of the local government and communities surrounding the said area.